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How To Build Your Own Business Dispatching Other People's Trucks

With Just A Laptop And A Phone!

Dictate your own hours, be your own boss.
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  • Start With Just Your Cell Phone And Laptop
  • ​Comprehensive, Step-by-step Instruction
  • ​24/7 Support And Monthly Accountability Calls

Certified Program

Trusted by over 15,000+ Americans who rate the training 4.8 Out Of 5 Stars
"I bought this course in September and it has been the best investment I ever made... 
If you're on the fence about getting started - GO FOR IT, you won't regret it."
- Karimah Connor
"Trust the process, this course is literally foolproof. One week and I'm already in talks with signing my first client. Ain't no joke! Alix really do know everything bout this stuff."
- Keishaun Harris
"I've been a truck driver since 2020, and this course has blown me away. I'm already on the phone - Alix helped me get through my nervousness! No more driving."
- Justin Fennessee
"I would have never made it to where I am in my dispatching business if it wasn't for this course. Alix, I can't thank you enough! I'm making more money and have more time than ever."
- Septoria Green

Anyone Can Do it

No need for any expensive licences, prior knowledge or experience in the industry
Whether you're a stay-at-home parent looking to add financial flexibility to your life or a career-driven individual seeking a change, you have what it takes to become a successful dispatcher. 

Dispatching is all about learning the ropes, and our course provides you with the practical skills you need.

Even if you've never set foot in the trucking industry. It's your opportunity to take control of your career, work from home, and secure a bright future for yourself and your loved ones!

Earn Up to $3,900 A week*

That's 6 Figures+ per year
On average, one truck will make $6,500 in gross revenue in one week. 

Which means YOU have the potential to earn up to $650 gross earnings per week from that one truck. 

But let's say you have two trucks, that's $1,300 gross earnings per week...

Four trucks? $2,600 gross earnings per week... 

Six trucks? $3,900 gross earnings per week...

This isn't just numbers on a screen, this is your potential reality. 

This is how truck dispatchers are breaking the 6-figure barrier year after year, living life on their own terms.
*As with any business, there are no guarantee's or promises that you will make this after taking the course. 
This is a simple pay structure breakdown that should be used as an example only.

Little Start Up Costs

All you need to get started is your phone and a laptop!
It might sound unbelievable, how minimal the startup costs are, especially when you hear about the kind of money dispatchers start pulling in once their businesses take off.

If you're starting from scratch without a phone, laptop, and Wi-Fi, you're looking at a startup cost of roughly... (and this is me going overboard with the estimate)... $1,000 to $2,500.

But let's be real, most of us already got these three essentials. 

That means you could be launching your business with less than $500!

Sound Good?

Check out the step by step, easy to follow program

How to start your business

  • Gain a clear understanding of the dispatcher's role in the trucking industry
  •  The practicalities of setting up your own dispatching business
  • Understanding your daily responsibilities as a dispatcher

How to find loads that need dispatching

  • Become confident in the use of dispatching software and tools to spot loads
  • How to navigate the load databases to uncover opportunities
  • Strategies for negotiating rates to maximize earnings
  • ​How to build relationships with shippers and brokers for a steady flow of loads

How to manage your business

  • How to build strong working relationships with drivers
  • ​How to effectively communicate and collaborate with brokers
  • Essential checklists for load bookings, dispatching procedures, and safety protocols
  • S​trategies for addressing and resolving potential issues that may arise

How to scale your profits

  • How to dispatch efficiently for increased profits
  • ​Techniques to streamline your workload while maximizing earnings
  • ​Focus on specific niches or industries within trucking and charge premium rates.

How to become the go-to dispatcher

  • How to build strong and lasting relationships with clients
  • Unlock the secrets of networking in the trucking industry
  • Techniques to position yourself as the top dispatcher in the business.

How to have others work for you!

  • How to have other dispatchers booking loads for you
  • How to duplicate yourself
  • How to assemble and manage a team

Created By World Renowed Trucking Expert Alix Burton

"Ever since I was a kid, I always had a desire to be my own boss. The thought of working for someone else just didn't sit right with me. 

I wanted to call the shots and make my own path in the business world.

So, I took the leap and started my very first trucking business, full of excitement and big dreams. But, man, when you’re not equipped and prepared, reality can hit hard... But through it all, I was convinced that the trucking world was where I belonged. 

Over the following years, what I lacked in knowledge and experience, I made up for in hard work, determination and a drive no one could shake. In 2013, I launched Good Energy Worldwide with my own Dispatching Service.

Fast forward to today, Good Energy has equipped 27,000+ students to get into their own trucking business. We’ve built a community of people passionate about not only Trucking, but who are committed to make an impact in their families and community. 

I'm living proof that with a bit of determination and a whole lotta heart, you can turn your dreams into reality, no matter where you come from or what obstacles you face.

Good Energy Worldwide is about lifting each other up, sharing our experiences, and connecting with experts who show you the exact steps to make it big in the Trucking Industry. This is an industry I will stand by through everything. 

Y’all, I’ll be in trucking til the day I die."

With 24/7 Support and Monthly Coaching For 3 Months

Here with you along the way to ensure you succeed
Live Q&A Coaching Sessions
Get access to special member-only Live Q&A Sessions with both myself and Rob Millar. 
You'll be able to ask me any questions you need to speed up your implementation and get you results further and faster.
Member Only Dispatchers Community
Get access to the member-only Facebook Group for Dispatch Mastery where you'll be able to check-in with other members, ask questions and stay accountable to implementing your new-found knowledge.

Ensuring Your Success Every Step Of The Way

Just like the thousands of Americans who are already thriving after taking the Dispatch Mastery course
"Finally finished the course last week and booked my first $5,000 week."
- Darryl Bobo
"I can’t say enough good things about this course! Organized, insightful, uplifting, rewarding fulfilling…!!! Thank you GE team! Im so proud to say I completed the course and have changed the entire trajectory of my career and life! This is such a blessing that will not only bless me but allow me to bless others!"
- Joan Hardiman
Switching Lanes Dispatching is now open for business!! Thank-you Alix for the class, and helping me become an entrepreneur. Upwards from here!!!
- Ms Shannon Humphries
"Hands down one of the best investments I've ever made for myself. Thank you guys, for putting your all into this course. I look forward to applying everything I learned to my own business."
- Jasmine Walker
"I haven’t taken another dispatch course but I can CONFIDENTLY say that this is the BEST course out there!!! After taking this course, I have so many resources for my dispatch company to be successful. This course is the best investment I could have made for my families future. Throughout the entire course I was excited to dive in even more…it’s the Good Energy for me!!!"
- Kendra Johnson
"This course was the best self pace class I have ever taken. Alix and the good energy team are teaching with compassion and from the heart. This is truly the blueprint of dispatching. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and changing peoples life."
- Nichole Nell
"Hey Alix, just wanted to drop you a message and let you know how your program has completely transformed my life bro... I can't thank you enough. In the past 6 months.. I'm on my way to making 6 figures this year. I never thought I could achieve these types of results, but your guidance and support made all the difference. Thank you bro.
- Jamal Jackson
Alix...Since joining your program, you've helped me to provide a better life for my two kids. My weekly take home is about $3,000. This type of money for us is life changing... and I couldn't be happier. You've not only transformed my business but also my family's future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Forever Grateful
- Tasha Williams

And Upon Completion, You Are Awarded Your Official Dispatch Mastery Certification!

Dispatch Mastery Official Certification

Become one of the most sought after Dispatchers in the Industry. 

Every day, we’re getting new Dispatching Requests from Carriers nationwide…we point them directly to those Dispatchers who have completed the Dispatch Mastery Course and are Good Energy Certified. 

This Certificate opens doors to an entire Network of Trucking Carriers looking to Partner with Certified Dispatchers.

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Price Normally $697

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(That's a saving of $418!)
PLUS! For the first time ever...
We're Offering You A 14-Day Good Energy Money Back Guarantee
If you complete the course and are not satisfied, we'll refund your investment – your success and satisfaction is our priority.

Still Not sure Dispatching is for you?

Here's a breakdown of what a day in the life of a dispatcher looks like:


Connect the dots
It all starts with connecting the dots. You'll begin by checking your email, making phone calls, or using specialized dispatching software to match available loads with truck drivers!


Keep Things Moving
Imagine you're the conductor of this logistical symphony. You ensure that the right loads get to the right drivers at the right time. It's like being the director of a well-orchestrated operation.


Future Planning
Plan upcoming assignments for your drivers. . It's all about ensuring that your drivers have a clear, efficient plan for their next assignments, which will make their jobs easier and more streamlined.

We Give You Everything You Need In Order To Succeed

Designed To Take You From Complete Beginner To Qualified Dispatcher
Step-by-step Guidance
  • Confidence: Knowing the information in this course is backed by research and success
  • Save Time: This course allows you to fast-track what would normally take years to figure out
  • Clarity: Don't get lost in the process of doing this yourself. Feel clear and determined knowing your path to success is logically mapped out for you         
Tools, Templates & Information
  • Simplicity: Avoid endless scrolling and mountains of useless information.
  • Knowledge: With all the important documents you'll ever need in one place, accessible 24/7
  • Power: Knowing you possess years worth of secret data Alix has collated for you in once space
Accountability & Community
  • Assistance 24/7: Have support to help you through any setbacks, saving you months of trying to figure it out on your own!
  • Motivation: Stay engaged and motivated along your journey to success by being held accountable
  • Insider Secrets: The secrets of how other people are achieving their success

Still Have Questions?

We've got you covered!
Q: What will I get out of taking this program?
By joining Dispatch Mastery, you'll unlock the doors to entrepreneurial freedom. You'll learn how to dispatch trucks from the comfort of your home, starting with just your cell phone and laptop. No prior experience is needed. The result? A fast-tracked, game-changing career with the potential for substantial income and the freedom to control your time.
Q: How do I know this program is real?
Dispatch Mastery is as real as it gets. I built it based on my own experience in the trucking industry, transforming my own failures into success. The success stories of our students speak for themselves. This course is backed by real-world results.
Q: Is there any reason I won't succeed?
Often, it's a lack of information and a clear path forward that holds people back. They don't know where to start or how to navigate the complex trucking industry. Dispatch Mastery addresses this by providing a structured, step-by-step approach.
Q: Why should I do this now?
(Aside from the fact that it's Cyber Monday and you can get access for 60% off right now) The time is now because it's your opportunity to seize the reins of your financial future. Dispatching is a lucrative industry that allows you to work from anywhere. Our course is designed to get you started in as little as one week. Why wait when success is within reach?
Q: Why should I trust you?
You can trust Dispatch Mastery because it's built on my journey from struggling entrepreneur to a thriving business owner with over a decade of experience in the trucking industry. I've transformed the lives of countless individuals, and I'm here to guide you, too.
Q: How does this program work?
Dispatch Mastery is a comprehensive online course comprising video modules that take you from a complete beginner to a qualified dispatcher. You'll also have access to live coaching, a community group, and valuable bonuses. It's a step-by-step blueprint for success.
Q: What do I have to lose?
You have the opportunity to gain financial independence, flexibility, and a rewarding career. The only thing to lose is the chance for a better future. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

If the idea of being your own boss, quitting your day job and working from anywhere excites you...

Become a Truck Dispatcher Today
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"It simply works, the blueprint, the industry... if you follow - it just works". 

You can use this "Secret Roadmap To Dispatching" at any age with no experience, you can share it with your friends and family to help them start making money too...

It includes the complete blueprint to start your own dispatching business from home....

"I don't have enough time"

"I don't have enough money"

"I don't know anything about trucks"

This course is easy to understand and wastes no time in going straight for the ACTION. You get step-by-step guidance along with the tools and confidence to start RIGHT AWAY... growing your business...  growing your income... without spending money on anything other than the cost of your wifi bill…

You can work as little as an hour a day...

However, once you get started you might want to be prepared to quit your job because you'll soon see you don't want to waste your time doing anything else...

Earnings Disclaimer

RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. Any statement made on the website or in the program regarding income or earnings are provided as examples only and do not guarantee you future earnings or income. There is no guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. As with any endeavour, results may vary and depend on a wide variety of factors including, but not limited to, your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network and financial situation. The use of any products of services offered through Good Energy Worldwide should be based on your own due diligence. By making this payment you understand there are no refunds and we at Good Energy Worldwide (including sponsors, promoters, advertisers or affiliates), are not responsible for the success or failures you experience in your personal or business life.